Strategical Geographical Position

Cyprus, positioned in the top right hand corner of the Mediterranean and at the  South Eastern corner of Europe, located between Europe, Asia and Africa,  rightly claims to be a stepping-stone to three continents.  Cyprus has played a  leading role in the history of the Eastern Mediterranean and its history is one  of the most ancient in the world with a civilization dating back 10.000 years.   Cyprus 's strategic location at the crossroads of three continents has been a  major factor in shaping its history throughout the centuries.  Upon its  membership into the European Union, it has been transformed into a key  outpost of the Eastern Mediterranean.

After Cyprus accession to the European Union, the Government’s vision is the development of such initiatives that will establish Cyprus as a bridge between the European Union and the Middle East.  With the Governmental policy and initiatives, Cyprus desires to forge a relationship of cooperation, which will reflect European interests in the wider region and will also meet the aspirations and hopes of neighbouring countries. This combination of legitimate interests is expected to bring important political and economic benefits to the area.







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