Promotion of the SPC

The various promotional methods that are going to be used for the promotion of Shortsea Shipping are the mail, the use of a website, the organisation and participation in seminars, workshops, trade-fairs and meetings and the issue of publications.

In particular the Centre will compile a list of office and e-mail addresses of all stakeholders.  In this manner any information could be disseminated, whether as hard copies or electronically, which may be of interest to the stakeholders.  Such information will include a newsletter, brochure, leaflets on the centre’s
activities and other publications or information in respect of developments within the maritime industry.

The Cyprus Shortsea Promotion Centre will develop a website in order to promote its activities.  At the moment the site is under construction as we are collecting all the information needed to build our database.
The organisation of seminars, conferences and workshops in order to discuss particular issues will be useful in order to achieve a wide industry and public consultation within a short period of time but in an effective manner. 
The Centre also intends to create awareness through advertising in maritime related publications, and the participation in exhibitions and trade-fairs as well as to maintain a constant dialogue with all stakeholders either with individual meetings or through meetings with the representative associations.

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