Financing of the SPC

The revenue of the Centre for the first five years includes the contributions of the three founders of the Cyprus Shortsea Promotion Centre (CPA, Cyprus Shipping Agents Association, Association of Forwarders and Bonded Warehouses), the membership fees collected and any other contributions/sponsorships as well as from the sourcing of funding mechanisms, including EU programmes and from fees collected from any work performed by the Centre for a specific company/entity or group of companies/entities.  The above income is to cover in the first two years the following costs:
  • staff remuneration including travelling and subsistence allowance;
  • purchase of equipment;
  • promotional material (website, newsletter, flyers, etc.);
  • stationery and consumables;
  • subscription to ESN;
For the next three years the costs will be at a reduced level as most of the costs related to the set up of the office are covered at the first two years.

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