Cost/Benefits for membership

In order to attract members the Cyprus Shortsea Promotion Centre follows a specific strategy with which the Costs/Benefits of being a member of the Centre are explained and analysed.  Some of the benefits that are given are:
  1. The primary role of the Centre is the dissemination of information which will be freely available to members, against non-members who would have to pay for any specific information/study they might require.
  2. Time is of essence for any organisation and time costs money. Having an organisation, which is researching, collating and presenting information on time and precisely, presents a saving to the members who otherwise have to employ resources to do the same work.
  3. Identification and access to opportunities, which can be turned into business prospects.  The Centre will participate in local and European fora and the experience and information received will be passed on to its members. 
  4. The Centre will also benefit from its membership to the European Shortsea Network, which offers an unparalleled forum for networking.
  5. Access to the EU (Funds, Programmes, Opportunities).  The Centre can serve as a catalyst between the needs of local entities involved in logistics and the various programmes offered by the EU.
  6. As things stand today in Cyprus, there is no single entity to identify the various bottlenecks that shackle the total logistics chain.  The Centre could serve as this co-ordinating entity.
  7. Provide the necessary background for the development of new initiatives in Cyprus, particularly related to multi-modal initiatives.
The costs of being a member to the Centre are restricted to:
  1. Contributions or Membership fees.
  2. Conference/seminar fees and sponsorships.
  3. Human resources when participating in the Centre’s events.

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