Management and Administration of the SPC

The management of the Cyprus Shortsea Promotion Centre, its activities and assets are entrusted to the Cyprus Shortsea Promotion Board of Management, which is responsible for the overall management of the Centre. 
The Board of Management makes a best effort to develop, deliver and promote the Short Sea Shipping and in particular is entrusted with:
  1. Developing the necessary awareness amongst industry players and end-users of the Shortsea Shipping concept, whilst taking into consideration the Motorways of the Sea project as listed in the Trans European Network guidelines.
  2. Obtaining the commitment of all members and in consultation with other stakeholders in the transport and logistics industry to the objectives of the Centre.
  3. Setting up databases for a management information system relevant to the mission of the Centre.
  4. Identifying issues that interfere with the development of Shortsea Shipping, and recommend solutions.
  5. Assist the industry in establishing Cyprus as a hub for short sea links for cargo and passengers.
  6. Developing and establishing key policies affecting the Shortsea Shipping industry.
  7. Maintaining and managing relations with the competent authorities.
  8. Appointing such advisors/consultants and such advisory and consultative committees as may appear to it desirable from time to time.
The Board of Management has also assigned the day-to-day administration of the Centre to an employee, whose duties and responsibilities involve the following:
  1. Acting as a representative of the Board of Management, on matters relating to Shortsea Shipping.
  2. Managing the Centre on the basis of a Business Plan and Budget as approved by the Board of Management.
  3. Managing the relationships between service providers, the industry and customers.
  4. Quality control by obtaining feedback from the industry stakeholders.
  5. Quality assurance by measuring the industry’s efforts against feedback from customers.
  6. Keeping databases and providing information to the industry.
  7. Directing information from the Centre.
  8. Coordinating efforts of all groups.
  9. Benchmarking other Shortsea Shipping activities of other ports.
  10. Provide regular updates to all the members of the Centre on the ongoing work and progress of the organization.
  11. Monitor European Union funding opportunities in the transport sector and disseminate such information to the industry stakeholders.

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