Activities of the SPC

The Cyprus Shortsea Promotion Centre is or will be engaged into the following activities:

  1. Identifying bottlenecks which interfere with the development of short sea shipping, proposing solutions and participating in discussions leading to removal of such obstacles.
  2. Set on course prime objective of establishing Cyprus as a hub for short sea links for cargo and passengers
  3. Making the Centre sustainable by negotiating with stakeholders for its financing.
  4. Drawing up action plans in response to the needs and wants of the stakeholders.
  5. Carry out market studies.
  6. Assisting stakeholders in specific projects (public/private) in developing new short sea linkages.
  7. Marketing the products developed by the centre (website development and updating, preparation of brochures, promotional material, and media coverage on the activities of SPC-Cyprus as well participation in promotional activities undertaken by others (trade fairs, exhibitions etc).
  8. Setting up of regional co-operation.
  9. Sustaining an educational programme aimed at stakeholders and future potential interests (industry, university).
  10. Inform stakeholders of EU funding opportunities within the sector. Formulation of projects for EU funding and participation in such projects initiated elsewhere.
11. Organisation of seminars, workshops, and study visits for its members as well as organisation of the participation in such activities initiated by others.
12. Liaise with European Shortsea Network (ESN) and participation in their meetings/activities.

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