Establishment of the SPC

The Cyprus Shortsea Promotion Centre was established in  May 2006 by the Cyprus Ports Authority together with the Cyprus Shipping Agents Association and the Association of Forwarders and Bonded Warehouses who have committed themselves in supporting and financing the Centre.  
The Cyprus Ports Authority has taken the initiative for the establishment of the Centre, as it has to play a leading role in promoting Shortsea Shipping nationally.  Some of the actions that Port Authorities could take within the framework of promoting Shortsea Shipping are:
  • the simplification of administrative procedures;
  • the improvement of port road and rail connections with the hinterland;
  • the adaptation of port infrastructures to the needs of Shortsea Shipping;
  • the provision of efficient, safe and secure port facilities with enough capacity for waiting trailers or containers and good transhipment facilities; 
  • the application of rebates in the port dues for Shortsea Shipping.
The Cyprus Shortsea Promotion Centre is a private non-profit organisation and its operation is based on two fundamental elements: cooperation and neutrality.
Cooperation between all the players in the industry is essential.  Shortsea Shipping must be fully integrated in the intermodal logistic chains.  Users perception is global on the whole door-to-door intermodal service and just one poor element or link in the chain, deteriorates the user perception of the whole intermodal service. 
To enhance the competitiveness of the whole intermodal logistics chain, the individual effort of one single or several of the chain links is not enough.  It is necessary to improve the efficiency of each and everyone of the chain elements and also to improve the connections and the coordination between them.  Moreover, if everyone cooperates to improve jointly the competitiveness of the whole Shortsea Shipping chain, they can attract new services to the port for the benefit of the whole port industry and maritime community.
Neutrality is also very important for the Shortsea Promotion Centres in order to have a balance between the members.  The efforts should be concentrated in identifying possible advances through common objectives, avoiding conflicting topics.  Also good relationships should be maintained with the media/press and at the same time confidentiality should be guaranteed.

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